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2018 University of Ottawa – Information into Action
Guylaine Beaudry: Information and digital literacies as foundation of digital strategies Karen Nicholson: Information into action? Reflecting on (critical) practice
2017 University of Alberta – Engage, Expand, Explore
Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair: Appropriation or Appreciation: How to Engage Indigenous Literatures Jessie Loyer: Librarians, wâhkôhtowin, and information literacy instruction: building kinship in research relationships
2016 University of British Columbia – Intersections
Emily Drabinski: Intersections with Power: Critical Teaching the Library Catalogue E. Paul Zehr: Closing Keynote
2015 Memorial University – sea change
Char Booth: Information Privilege: Narratives of Challenge and Change TA Loeffler: Cultivating a View Towards Change
2014 Western University – e-magine the possibilities
Craig Gibson; Judy Jacobson: Opening Keynote Megan Oakleaf: Closing Keynote
2013 University of New Brunswick – Synchronicity – The Time is Now
Bonnie Stewart; Dave Cormier: MOOCs, Rhizomes, and Networks: Information Literacies in a Time of Complexity and Abundance. Terry Reilly: Changing the Conversation
2012 Grant MacEwan University – Vigour, Thrift and Resourcefulness
Michael Eisenberg: What College Students Say About Conducting Research in the Digital Age: Implications for Libraries, Librarians, and Higher Education from Project Information Literacy
Adria Vasil: Decoding Greenwash
2011 University of Regina – Learning Under Living Skies
Brian Thwaits: The Big Learn: Smart Ways to Use Your Brain
David Bouchard: Aboriginal Success: A Crack in the Door
2010 McMaster University – Design, Play, Learn
Dr. James Paul Gee (Arizona State University): A New Paradigm for Learning in the 21st Century (And Where Libraries Fit In)
Dr. Steven J. Bell (Temple University): Exploring the Instruction Mystery: Designing our way past a wicked problem
2009 Concordia University – Reflections
Dr. John M. Budd (University of Missouri): Where do we go now? Some research directions in information literacy
Heidi LM Jacobs (University of Windsor); Selinda Berg (University of Windsor): Looking outward, looking within: Reflections on information literacy praxis
2008 UBC Okanagan – Information Literacy Uncorked
John Willinsky (Stanford University): La Culture de l’information
Alane Wilson: Their perceptions, our reality: The information-seeking habits and preferences of college and university students
Judith Peacock (Queensland University of Technology); Nancy Goebel (University of Alberta, Augustana): Alice and the Carpenter present: The Time Has Come to Talk of Many Things: Act 1 – Your Future Through the Looking Glass
2007 York University – Teach Every Angle
Rick Salutin: Thinking versus knowing: Where does information come in?
Patricia Iannuzzi (University of Nevada): Changing learning, changing roles: Collaboration at every angle
Fay Durrant (University of the West-Indies): Culture, context and content: Vital issues in ensuring information literacy and effective e-citizenship
2006 Acadia University – Charting a Course for Instruction
Dr. Patricia Senn-Breivik (Nehemiah Communications): Information literacy and lifelong learning: The time is now!
Dr. Jeremy Shapiro; Ms. Shelley Hughes (Fielding Graduate University): If everything is information, is information literacy possible?
Dr. Toni Samek (University of Alberta): Information ethics on our global library streets
2005 University of Guelph – A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities
Bill Johnston (University of Strathclyde)
Sheila Webber (University of Sheffield)
2004 University of Victoria – Theory Meets Reality
Dane Ward (Illinois State University): The collaborative quest for compelling information literacy instruction
Trudi Bellardo Hahn (University of Maryland): Connecting information literacy to the research process
2003 University of Windsor – Bridging the Gap: Teaching Across Boundaries
Dr. Clara Chu (University of California, Berkeley): Information literacy within a multicultural critical framework
2002 University of New Brunswick – River Runs: Trends in Library Instruction
Dr. Heidi Julien (University of Alberta): Miles to go before we sleep
2001 Carleton Unversity – Teaching Using Learning in a Pluralist Setting
Dr. Tim Pychyl (Carleton University): What’s our vision for teaching & learning?: Addressing systemic barriers to information literacy instruction
2000 University of Western Ontario – Literacy for the Infollennium
Hannelore Rader (University of Louisville): If we teach them will they learn?
Dr. Michael Atkinson (University of Western Ontario): Teaching and learning in the 21st century
1999 McGill University – Process of Integrating Library Instruction into the Curriculum in Partnership with Our Teaching Colleagues
Carol Kuhlthau (Rutgers University): Collaboration in the learning process
Gloria Leckie (University of Western Ontario): Fostering a pedagogy for information literacy
1998 Queen’s University – Libraries at the Heart of Learning
Cerise Oberman (SUNY-NILI Hannelore Rader): Library liaison program
1997 University of Montreal – Gateways to the Information World
Thérèse Laferrière: Learning to search and create co-operatively
1996 Wilfrid Laurier University – Anticipation: Library Instruction for Changing Times
Roma Harris (University of Western Ontario): Development of library instruction and its place in a changing learning environment
1995 Université Laval
1994 University of Ottawa – Making Connections
Richard Rancourt (University of Ottawa): Librarians can do it with style
1993 University of Toronto – Library Instruction: Strategies for Success
Lorna Marsden (Wilfrid Laurier University)
1992 University of Windsor – Skills for Change
Patricia Breivik (Towson State University)
1991 Concordia University – From Yesterday to Tomorrow
Maureen Pastine (Southern Methodist University): Library user education: Where have we been? Where are we going?
1990 Brock University – The Challenge of the 90’s
Constance Mellon (East Carolina): Library anxiety: Instruction librarian as therapist
1989 Bishop’s University & Champlain Regional College – The Art of Library Instruction
Evan I. Farber (Earlham College): How I became ‘Bibliographic Instructor of the Year’
1988 University of Waterloo & Wilfrid Laurier University – Teaching and Learning in the Present Tense
Stanley Benson (University Centre, Tulsa) & Sheila Laidlaw (University of New Brunswick): The library’s status in undergraduate instruction: Far from the heart of things
1987 McMaster University & Mohawk College – Re-Creating the Image
Panel with Tom Eadie, Tanis Fink; Jacelyn Foster – Immodest proposals: Alternative futures for instruction
1986 John Abbott College – Connections Linking the Library Instruction Network
R. Smith (Concordia University) & L. Melamed (consultant): Learning style theory: Implications for helping others learn
1985 University of Western Ontario & Fanshawe College – Reaching Out: New Directions in Library Instruction
Moderator, George Robinson (University of Western Ontario): Panel on faculty communication and the role of library instruction
1984 Queen’s University & St. Lawrence College – Coping with Crisis: Strategies for Survival
Margot McBurney (Queen’s University)
1983 Carleton University & Algonquin College – Exploring the New Technology for Library Instruction
Fraser Taylor: Videotex and related technologies
1982 University of Toronto – A Learner-Centred Approach to Teaching
Liz Burge: How adults learn
1981 University of Guelph – Approaching Instruction Effectively
Librarians in the 1980’s: Skills and Technologies
1980 McGill University – Staff Development, Computerized Services, Part-time and Non-traditional User, Marketing
M. Scott (McGill University)
1979 University of Waterloo – Teaching the Use of the Library: Instructional Strategies That You Always Wanted to Know But Were Never Taught
Panel of 3 librarians from the University of Michigan: Instructional strategy for teaching the use of the library
1978 University of Ottawa – Approaches to Library Instruction: Do You Know What Your Colleagues Are Doing?
Anne McQuade (Carleton University): Teaching Skills
1977 York University – Marketing the Library, Selling the Library as Part of the Teaching Learning Process
1976 Queen’s University – The Librarian as Teacher: Planning, Teaching, and Evaluating Library Programs
Hugh Munby
1975 McMaster University – Printed Materials
Monika Jensen (Metro Toronto Library Board)
1974 University of Toronto – Audio-Visual Techniques
Panel with B. Squires, L. Wise, D. Todgham, I. Melanchuk: Matching Media & Message
1973 McGill University & Sir George Williams University (now Concordia University) – Communication and Learning Theory
1972 University of Western Ontario – General Overview of Orientation
F. Eugene Gattinger: Confessions of a Library Orientator